Deutsches Museum Other Exhibits

After the aerospace section I wandered into a few other exhibits.

The maritime section was huge. They had dozens of these models, some of the largest around 15 feet long.

This was the inside of a trawler that had an access hole cut into the side. Pretty crowded, but I bet it stays warm down there even in the coldest storm.

This case also had civilian ships on the other side. You can really see that not only is the Bismark pretty sizeable, but her guns are as well.

This piston was at the transition between the maritime section and the engines section.

The engines section had dozens of engines, some of them huge for ships, some of them very small for robots.  I didn’t examine anything, just walked through.  From there the museum transitioned into a section on power generation.  There were dynamos of all different sizes, old and modern.

There were about a dozen of this type of diorama. All had the power room of the building showing, like here.

The power section transitioned into wind and water power.


Then I visited the geomatics exhibit.

This is a relief of the Mount Everest range. Not sure if it’s scale. If it is, that’s some mighty steep terrain.

I saw this and remembered that James bought one a while back. Still don’t know what it is.


Many beautiful scopes and tripods. Old surveying instruments remind me of naval equipment, probably because of the wood and the brass.

This was a massive imaging device used in aerial surveys. Definitely won’t fit in a cessna.


There was also a section showing old and modern tunneling techniques. One entrance to the exhibit had this old-style shoring, the other had modern concrete rings.  Both were to scale (around 20 feet high).  It was actually really dark in here: the camera was on auto and way overexposed the shot.

The trouble with a museum this diverse is I started to just pass through exhibits.  I then called it quits.  I came back the second day and spent more hours focusing on the Computer Science and the Textile sections.  Didn’t take any pictures though.  Textiles was really interesting: I think I’ll build a loom someday for fun.



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